Order Custom Jewelry To Show Your Love Of Poker

4 February 2022
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If you're an avid poker player, perhaps getting together to play with friends every week and even visiting local casinos to participate in tournaments, it can be fun to think about what jewelry you may wish to wear during these events. One or more pieces of jewelry that have a poker theme can show your love of this card game. Instead of buying standard poker-themed jewelry, approach a jewelry shop with some ideas for a custom piece. The finished product will have much more significance to you than a standard piece that other players may be wearing. Here are some poker jewelry design options to consider.

Tournament Win

For many poker players, being able to win a local tournament — especially one in which there was a significant payout — can be a crowning achievement. If you've been fortunate to have such a victory in the past, you may wish to commemorate the accomplishment with a piece of custom jewelry. Choose whether you want a bracelet, a pendant, or another piece, and then come up with a loose idea for the design. For example, the piece may have the name of the tournament, its date, and even the amount that you won. All of this information can work well on a necklace pendant that is perhaps shaped like a small playing card.

Best Hand

The best hand that you can achieve in a game of poker is a royal flush. Perhaps you've held this hand at some point in your career, or maybe it's still eluding you. Another fun piece of jewelry that you can order is a piece that depicts the five cards of this hand. Your jeweler can create a piece that features the cards in a position that appeals to you. For example, if you want a bracelet in a specific type of metal, it could have five card shapes affixed to it — perhaps with small gemstones or pieces of colored glass providing the markings on the cards.

Poker Chips

The instantly recognizable shape of a poker chip can make it a good option for a piece of custom jewelry. A pendant in this shape and with certain markings, for example, might appeal to you. There are all sorts of ways to approach the design of the chip. If you have a particular quote about poker that you often think about when you play, your custom jeweler could engrave this quote onto the pendant. Or, if you participate in tournaments with the goal of winning money for your family, you might want the pendant to feature your family's names.

Contact a jeweler that creates custom jewelry for more information.