Saving on jewelry for dress-up games

How To Properly Care For Antique Jewelry

When it comes to caring for and cleaning antique jewelry, you want to be careful. Using the wrong cleaning solution or tools can actually ruin the piece. Even the way you store your jewelry can make a difference with regards to keeping it in good condition. This article will give you helpful information on the […]

4 Tips For Starting Your Coin Collection

If you are thinking about starting a coin collection, there are some important things you need to know first. Remember that it isn’t a race; a coin collection is not something that happens overnight. Here are some valuable tips that will help you get your coin collection started. Start Collecting What You Like While it […]

Looking For A Creative Mother’s Day Gift? Have Your Mom’s Favorite Rings Repaired.

Mother’s Day is coming up soon and if you want to really do something nice for your Mom, here’s a suggestion that you probably haven’t thought about: get her favorite rings examined for thinning shanks and get them repaired! In particular, if she regularly wears her wedding set, mother’s ring, or another favorite, it’s probably […]