Saving on jewelry for dress-up games

Tied Up With String: How To Organize Your Jewelry Effectively

From earrings and necklaces to bracelets and anklets, jewelry is as fun to collect as it is to wear, and can often pull together an otherwise non-cohesive look, turning it into a fashion statement. A problem can come in at the end of the day, however, when you have to figure out where to put […]

Make A Sparkly Ring And Pendant To Enhance Your Favorite Outfits

Make a sparkly ring and pendant that will enhance your favorite outfits from your wardrobe by completing the instructions below. The matching set can be worn with any style of clothing and can be customized to suit your taste. The finished pieces will attract attention while dancing in a club, eating at a restaurant, or […]

Dare to Be Different: 3 Creative Ways to Accessorize with Modern Jewelry

Years ago, dressing up meant pulling out your string of pearls, slipping on a bracelet, and perhaps even wrapping your ankle in a delicate chain. While the same old jewelry fashions are still trendy enough, there are a lot of fun ways to dress up the way you think about accessorizing with jewelry. Thanks to […]

Tips for Organizing Your Dressing Table

Is your dressing table a disorganized mess? If so, you probably spend a lot of time searching for specific makeup, hair, and jewelry items each morning. Having an organized dressing table helps save you time in the morning, but it also makes getting ready a more relaxing process. Instead of focusing on how much time […]

Three Tips For Caring For Your Chain Maille Jewelry

Your jewelry collection may contain some of your most valuable and prized possessions. Unfortunately, there are many people that may not be aware of the best practices for caring for these items. In particular, chain maille jewelry can have unique care needs when compared to other types of jewelry. By using the following tips, you […]

Need To Pawn Some Jewelry For Cash? What To Know

When you are struggling to gather the cash you need to pay a bill or to buy something that you need, you can try to pawn something valuable to get by. The pawn shop will give you a loan when you give them something valuable for collateral, and then you can give them the money […]

Unique Gifts To Celebrate Your First Anniversary

The first year of a marriage or committed relationship is traditionally considered a period of adjustment. As your first anniversary approaches, the prospect of finding a physical representation of your relationship may feel overwhelming. This blog will guide you through some of your most innovative options that honor the symbols associated with a couple’s first […]

Selling Silver | An Inexperienced Scrap Jewelry Owner’s Guide

Everywhere you look it seems that people are looking to buy gold; from the local pawn shop in town right down to your neighbor down the street. However, what most people do not know is that you can also sell scrap silver jewelry for cash as well. Even though silver may not be worth as […]

3 Tips For Keeping Your Child Committed To Their Musical Instrument

Learning to play a musical instrument is a lot of work. Many children start while they are young and continue to play throughout their whole lives. However, some children start playing an instrument only to quit later in life without reaching their full potential. Although there is no magic formula for creating a musical prodigy, […]

Antique Jewelry Looking Old And Worn Out? Restore The Beauty With These 3 Simple Tricks

If you’ve recently inherited antique jewelry, you’re going to want to take care of it properly. You can’t just wipe it off and toss it in a jewelry box, especially if it’s got some wear and tear showing on it. With a little bit of tender loving care, you can get your antique jewelry looking […]