5 Engagement Ring Traditions To Exchange For Personalized Options

21 December 2022
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When most people think about an engagement ring, they usually picture a shiny solitaire diamond that costs three months' salary. But your engagement ring should be as unique and personal as your love story. And getting away from the traditional look and makeup of engagement rings is one of the best ways to make it so. Here are five traditions you might want to throw out and what to do instead.

1. Exchange Diamonds for Color

A diamond is a beautiful gemstone, but it's not the only choice. More and more couples are opting to add colorful gems — ranging from deep blue sapphires and rubies to eclectic turquoise or mysterious onyx — to their rings. In fact, you don't even have to feature diamonds if you don't want to. Pick your favorite color and make it your own. 

2. Exchange Expensive for Cost-Effective

Your engagement ring doesn't have to be very expensive in order to be very satisfying. Consider the many alternatives to more expensive diamonds. You could use clear moissanite, delicate morganite, or pale aquamarine gems instead. And when you use a centerpiece made of a less expensive stone, you can often use that savings to design a bigger and more elaborate ring than you would otherwise. 

3. Exchange Solitaires for Groupings

Solitary diamonds on a gold ring certainly make a big statement. But a group of gems could make just as much of a splash. From halo and cluster settings that encircle a stone with other stones to duos and trios of colorful stones, more might just be better for you. Groups of more meaningful gems — such as your fiancé's and your birthstones — come with a great look and a great story. 

4. Exchange Size for Customization

Want your engagement ring to be special? Then focus less on how large the main stone is and more on how you can personalize it. Incorporate elements of your love story, engrave a hidden message, or use motifs with private meanings. The choices are nearly limitless, and your ring will be one-of-a-kind.

5. Exchange Appearance for Durability

An engagement ring will go through a lot during its lifetime. Subject to daily wear, it must withstand all kinds of activities. So make sure you avoid trends that could result in a less durable, less stable ring. This means choosing gems that are hardy and scratch-resistant, settings that protect the stones, and metals geared toward how your fiancé works and plays. 

Where to Start

Ready to get started finding the right ring for you or your fiancé? Begin by meeting with an experienced custom jeweler in your area today. For more information, contact a company like Krikawa Custom Jeweler.