Three Unique Ways To Propose To Your Sweetheart Without Saying A Word

30 April 2015
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Sometimes it is not so much the expense of diamond engagement rings that makes a marriage proposal difficult as it is the actual proposal. From flash mob proposals to proposals in hot air balloons and skydiving, what is the right way for you to propose? Here are three creative ideas that maybe you have not considered yet that allow you to propose without ever needing to say a word.

Inside a Wax Candle

There is a company out there that buries fine jewelry inside wax candles. When the candle burns away and reveals a small, foil-wrapped packed, the receiver of the candle may find a beautiful costume jewelry ring or a diamond engagement ring worth over five thousand dollars. You could take a similar approach by wrapping a diamond engagement ring in foil and having a candlemaker seal it inside a candle for your beloved. Once the wax burns down to reveal the ring packet, well, you get the idea.

In a Clam Shell While Scuba Diving

If your sweetheart loves to scuba dive, loves the ocean, or just really loves tales of mermaids, you could present him/her with a clam shell underwater. Inside the shell, you can secure the ring and open it at just the right time. You could even hire professional mermaids to swim by with the signs that ask him/her to marry you. A variation on this theme is to tie the ring tightly to some coral and direct your love toward it. Preempt the ring's discovery by telling your beloved that you are taking him/her diving for treasure. 

Inside an Italian Wedding Cake or Charm Cake

Sure, lots of people have made charm cakes for bridal parties, but not too many have ever put an expensive engagement ring inside a cake for the bride. If your bride recognizes what an Italian wedding cake is, then placing the ring inside the slice you pre-cut for him/her will definitely deliver your message loud and clear. Most Southern ladies know what a charm cake is, because it is a very popular Southern tradition. Either way, you can both have your cake and eat it too.

Ways to Propose Are Only Limited by Your Imagination

In addition to these wordless proposals, there are dozens of other ways to propose. How you do it is only limited by your imagination, and if you want to keep it wordless, you can. Your sweetheart will understand the minute he or she sees the ring anyway.

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