Things To Consider When Buying A Custom Made Diamond Engagement Ring

15 May 2015
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Are you in the process of buying a custom made diamond engagement ring, but are not sure how to select one? Then familiarize yourself with the different buying consideration that must be made during the selection process. This will help you end up with the kind of ring that will put a smile on your fiancee's face. With that thought in mind, here are the top buying consideration that should be made when buying a custom made diamond engagement ring:

  • Delay in service: Do not leave it until the very last minute in order to buy a custom made engagement ring. That's because once you submit the specifications of the ring, the jewelry service will need to make it. This can take up to a few weeks depending on their workload.
  • Clarity of the diamond: Diamond is created when carbon undergoes extremely high pressure deep in the ground. This natural process can result in inclusions and blemishes, which reduce the quality of the diamond. A flawless diamond will be every expensive, whereas one with many inclusions can be quite cheap. The one that you select should depend on your budget.  Furthermore, when buying a diamond make sure to obtain a certificate of authenticity that clearly states the grade of the diamond – all reputable jewelry shops will offer such a certificate.
  • Inscription: For a person touch, you can ask the jewelry shop during the design phase to include an inscription into the ring. This can be a memory that you and your fiancee shared, or some meaningful quote. Such a personal touch will personalize the ring, and that's what custom made jewelry services are all about.
  • Work with the designer: A custom made engagement ring will first of all be created using computer aided designs. You can work with the designer in order to get the look of the ring as you want it. Alternatively, you can draw the ring at home and write down the instructions, which the jeweler can use to create the ring.
  • Wax models: Some jewelry stores will create a wax model within hours, or the next day that will illustrate what the finished ring looks like. Opting for a wax model allows you to see if the ring matches your expectations. If not, then you can request for changes to be made. It's an additional step that ensures the final custom made engagement ring will match your exact specifications.

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