Unique Gifts To Celebrate Your First Anniversary

16 November 2015
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The first year of a marriage or committed relationship is traditionally considered a period of adjustment. As your first anniversary approaches, the prospect of finding a physical representation of your relationship may feel overwhelming. This blog will guide you through some of your most innovative options that honor the symbols associated with a couple's first year.

Color and Gemstone

Because your sweetheart can wear the gift of jewelry whenever he or she needs a reminder of your bond, many partners opt for jewelry. To honor traditional first anniversary gifts, look for jewelry in the year's color or set with the year's gemstone:

  • Color: Gold and yellow represent the warmth of a relationship's first year. For a time-honored choice, opt for yellow gold jewelry. For a more modern take, choose rose or white gold pieces.
  • Gemstone: Both pearl and peridot are associated with a first anniversary celebration. Peridot has a distinct, whimsical charm, while pearls complement most skin tones, metal settings, and jewelry styles.

Traditional Gift

While traditional gifts for double digit anniversaries are mostly metals, the first anniversary's gift is paper. If you want to go traditional, you don't have to settle for a pack of stationary. Consider these clever twists on a paper gift:

  • Depictions of origami: For a tongue-in-cheek paper gift, practice the art of paper folding. Deliver sweet notes in the form of tiny paper animals or give your partner paper that won't fade over time in the form of origami-style jewelry.
  • Tickets: Your anniversary gift doesn't have to be about the paper itself. Instead make it about what's on the paper. Purchase tickets for a weekend away, a local art exhibit, or another event you and your sweetheart can enjoy together.

Modern Gift

More recently, many couples have adopted the modern take on the first anniversary gift: clocks. Clocks remind you to spend your time wisely and commemorate all the wonderful moments you and your partner have already shared. Consider these timekeeping keepsakes:

  • Antiques: Visit your local secondhand shops and antique dealers to find a clock linked to an era you and your partner love.
  • Personalized watches: To give your lover a gift he or she can keep close to the heart, choose a watch. Consider alternative styles like pocket watches or locket watches with ornate chains. Take the watch to a jeweler to have a quote, your anniversary date, or your partner's name engraved on the metal to add a personal touch.

Remember, your relationship is unique. Use your knowledge of your dynamic as a couple to inform your gift-giving decisions. This conscientious gifting ensures your celebratory presents are as meaningful as they are innovative.  

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