Dare to Be Different: 3 Creative Ways to Accessorize with Modern Jewelry

8 August 2016
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Years ago, dressing up meant pulling out your string of pearls, slipping on a bracelet, and perhaps even wrapping your ankle in a delicate chain. While the same old jewelry fashions are still trendy enough, there are a lot of fun ways to dress up the way you think about accessorizing with jewelry. Thanks to the ready availability of some pretty fascinating jewelry pieces and some insanely creative modern takes, jewelry can be worn in a lot of new places and in a lot of new ways. If you want to stand out from the crowd with your jewelry accessories, make sure you check out these modern body-jewelry trends. 

Thigh Chains— If you plan to bare the majority of your legs in a pair of short shorts or a micro mini, you can add a little jewelry flair by wearing a thigh chain. Thigh chains are designed to be worn about mid-thigh and usually consist of a series of chains that gracefully dangle from an elastic leg band that slips under the hem of your skirt or shorts so the band itself is not visible. Thigh chains are a great advancement from the traditional anklet and draw more attention to the upper part of your leg instead of your feet. 

Head Necklaces— Okay, so maybe head necklaces have been around since Cleopatra, but the fact is, these fancy head pieces are making a major comeback in the 21st century. Head necklaces are basically just chains that rest over your head like a crown. Often times, they have a small jewel or charm that rests right at your forehead. This look works well for special occasions, such as weddings or celebrations, but is also just a fun way to dress up a Boho-style outfit.

Body Chains— Body chains come in many different forms and styles, but most slip around your neck and then around your waist with a clasp in the back. So with this chain, you get the flattering appearance of both a necklace and a secondary chain that loops around your sides to your back. Most of the body chains you can find will be made with simplified, lightweight chains in silver or gold, but many also have beaded embellishments or dangly charms. These chains work really well with elegant dresswear that is slim-fitting, but they also look super cute with crop tops and cut-off tanks. 

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