Make A Sparkly Ring And Pendant To Enhance Your Favorite Outfits

6 September 2016
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Make a sparkly ring and pendant that will enhance your favorite outfits from your wardrobe by completing the instructions below. The matching set can be worn with any style of clothing and can be customized to suit your taste. The finished pieces will attract attention while dancing in a club, eating at a restaurant, or participating in any other public activity.


  • adjustable gold or silver-plated band with blank setting pad
  • gold or silver-plated necklace
  • blank pendant setting
  • newspaper
  • paper 
  • pencil
  • rubber gloves
  • super glue
  • thin craft sticks
  • faux diamonds
  • faux gems
  • needle nose jewelry pliers
  • glitter
  • small funnel
  • jewelry gloss sealer spray

Apply Faux Diamonds And Gems To Each Setting

Place the settings on a newspaper-covered surface. Envision how you would like the finished jewelry pieces to look. Draw a diagram of the pattern that you desire in order to guide you as you create each piece of jewelry. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and use a pair of needle nose jewelry pliers to pick up one faux diamond or gem that you would like add to a setting.

Use a thin craft stick to add a small amount of super glue to the base of the diamond or gem that you have selected. Line the side of the embellishment that has glue on it against the surface of one of the settings. Press firmly against the embellishment while it is still grasped between the ends of the pliers. Release the pliers once the embellishment has adhered. Add additional diamonds or gems to each setting until you are satisfied with how they look. 

Add Glitter To Each Setting And Apply Jewelry Sealer Spray

Apply glue to parts of each setting that you would like to add glitter to. Hold a small funnel over each glue spot and sprinkle glitter slowly through the funnel until all of the glue has been covered. Shake off excess glitter from each setting. Leave the settings on the newspaper as you wait for the glue to dry. Once plenty of time has passed for the glue to dry, apply an even coat of jewelry sealer spray over the faux diamonds, rhinestones, and glitter. The spray will help the embellishments retain their shine.

After the spray has dried, adjust the ring's band before sliding the piece of jewelry over one of your fingers. Slide the pendant setting's opening over one end of the necklace before securing the finished piece of jewelry around your neck. Wear the homemade jewelry whenever you would like to improve how one of your outfits look.

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