Tied Up With String: How To Organize Your Jewelry Effectively

28 September 2016
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From earrings and necklaces to bracelets and anklets, jewelry is as fun to collect as it is to wear, and can often pull together an otherwise non-cohesive look, turning it into a fashion statement. A problem can come in at the end of the day, however, when you have to figure out where to put all your prized pieces without them getting tangled, lost, or even broken. So if you're looking for a few ideas on how to organize your jewelry most effectively, then here's what you need to know.

Put a Cork(board) In It

Corkboards are quite cheap, easy to find, and, when paired with some decorative thumbtacks, make the perfect surface upon which to organize your jewelry. Make sure that the corkboard is about 1 ½ to 2 inches deep, then mount it on your wall (which is best done using adhesive strips rather than nailing it in). Once that's done, you're ready to start organizing; poke earrings directly into the corkboard together to never lose track of half of a set again, and hang a necklace on a thumbtack to get it to hang straight and not tangle itself up with any of your other necklaces.

Think of the Silver(ware)

If the corkboard idea isn't really up your alley, try appropriating a tool from your kitchen drawers: the silverware organizer. Cheap and plain (which means you can decorate it any way you want to), this organizer is the perfect way to organize your jewelry, especially if you're far heavier on necklaces and bracelets (or anklets) than you are on earrings. Simply lay out 2-3 necklaces in every dish-like divot, taking care to lump the fancier necklaces with each other, and the more statement or costume-inspired necklaces with one another. In the smaller compartment up top that comes with most organizers, you can place your bracelets and anklets. Sorting like with like will speed up the time you take looking for a specific piece and get you out the door more quickly.

What a (Tennis) Racket

A tennis racket (especially one with smaller holes between strings) may be the perfect way to ensure all of your jewelry is properly and easily displayed, allowing you to take stock of exactly what you have that will work with any given outfit. On top of a bookcase, though not high enough that it's out of your reach, place a tennis racket so that the handle rests on top of the bookcase (or other high-ish furniture piece) but the netting sticks out beyond it, securing the handle with something like duct tape. Then, thread your necklaces so that the clasp is tied around a string but the rest of the necklace hangs down at about eye level, creating a pretty wind chime look that showcases each necklace by itself. Fishhook earrings will also display well here.

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