Three Things To Think About When You Choose Earrings

19 March 2021
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There are many different ways that you can approach the process of shopping for earrings. A fun option is to enter a jewelry store, browse the display cases until you see a pair of earrings that you like, and then buy them. Another approach is to be a little more methodical, which can often be a good way to proceed. If you favor the latter approach, there are a number of simple topics that you should think about before you buy a new pair of earrings. Here are three things to keep in mind as you assess the many options that the jewelry store has on display.

Face Shape

If you're trying to think about whether a particular pair of earrings will look good on you, one topic to consider is the shape of your face. Often, people favor choosing earrings that are different than their face's shape. For example, if you have a face that is long and thin, you might not want to wear earrings that are long and thin, as they may accentuate your face's shape. Instead, round earrings can be a good choice because they provide visual balance. Similarly, if you have a round face, you might favor long and thin earrings over those that are round.

Hair Length

You should also think about the length of your hair when you wear it in your preferred style. If your hair is long enough that it covers your ears, you may wish to lean toward dangle earrings because they'll be at least partially visible. Stud earrings, of course, will remain largely hidden if your hair covers your ears. If you have short hair that leaves some or all of your ears visible, you can choose from all sorts of different earrings — everything from studs to large hoops or large chandelier-style designs.


While you may enjoy shopping for earrings that you'll wear during evening and weekend outings, you should also think about the jewelry that you'll wear to work. You'll want to choose earrings that are sensible for your line of work. If you're a fitness instructor, for example, studs are more practical than large, heavy hoops if you're moving around while leading a fitness class. If you have an office job, you should think about what earrings look appropriate in your work environment. You might favor colorful dangle earrings for casual Fridays but opt for understated studs or small hoops for the rest of the week.