Keeping Your Gold Ring in Good Condition

30 June 2021
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A gold ring can be an important piece of jewelry for you. However, you may not know the steps for protecting your favorite gold ring from common sources of wear that could severely compromise the beauty and durability of this valuable item.

Keep The Gold Ring Clean

Cleaning the ring on a regular basis is the best step for protecting the sine of the gold. When a person fails to clean their gold rings, dirt and oil from the hands can cause them to become extremely dull. Depending on the shape and design of your ring, there may be many small gaps in it that can be difficult to clean. If you are finding that it is difficult for you to clean these portions of the ring, you may want to take it to a professional that has tools that can easily clean these areas of the ring.

Have The Ring Professionally Adjusted If It Warps Or Gets Tight

At some point, the gold ring may become warped or your fingers may become larger, which can lead to it no longer fitting correctly. Adjusting the ring is possible, but it is difficult to do without the right tools. Otherwise, the problem with the ring could be made far worse, and you may even make it impossible for you to wear the ring. A jewelry repair service can both address warped rings as well as enlarging the ring so that it can fit even if your fingers grow in size.

Have Loose Stones Addressed Early

Having one or more of the valuable stones in the ring loose is a significant problem as these stones can be among the most valuable parts of this piece of jewelry. At the first sign that these stones have started to loosen, the ring should be taken to a repair service so that the stone can be reduced. Furthermore, you should avoid wearing this ring until this repair has been completed as you will be very unlikely to notice that this stone has fallen out until it is too late to be recovered.  

Protect The Ring From Scuffing

Scuff marks are another common problem that can occur with gold rings. When these rings are not protected, they will potentially be able to suffer extensive shallow scratching along the band. This can ruin the appearance of the ring, but it is a problem that can be easy to avoid. A suitable storage case for the jewelry or protective pouches can be useful for avoiding these damages.

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