4 Things To Look For In Pawn Shop Basketball Shoes

12 May 2022
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Pawn shops are known for selling jewelry, weapons, and electronics, but another valuable item you can find are basketball shoes. Basketball shoes are used for far more than just the sport. The shoes are coveted by collectors and many popular athletes release their own line of shoes.

If you collect basketball shoes or want to buy them for others, then follow this guide to know exactly what to look for as you shop. The little details matter, and when you know how to shop at a pawn shop for basketball shoes, then you can find great discounts as well.

1. Extra Laces

Many new pairs of shoes come with extra laces. The extra laces may include alternate colors or just serve as a backup pair. When you inspect basketball shoes, check to see if extra laces are inside. If the shoes are used, then the extra laces can help bring new life to the shoes.

2. Foot Tread

Always look on the bottom of pawn basketball shoes to see the condition of the tread. The tread can indicate how worn the shoes are and will give you a good idea of the value. If you want shoes in mint condition, then you do not want any tread wear. If you plan to wear the shoes, then a little tread wear is OK because the shoes will cost less than retail and help you save money.

3. Silica Gel Packs

Many new pairs of shoes will come packaged with small silica gel packs. Those packs absorb moisture and prevent the formation of mold or any warping in the shoe. If the shoe box does not contain the silica gel pack, then check the condition of the inside of the shoe. Pull the tongue up as far as you can and shine a flashlight in to ensure no moisture damage has occurred.

Mold can quickly spread throughout the shoe and create issues.

4. Tongue Tag and Shoe Box

There are hundreds of shoes released each year, and you want to ensure the pair in the box matches the style claimed on the box. Lift up the tongue of the shoe and look for the shoe design number or full name and match the item number with the one on the box. This step will ensure you just don't blindly purchase a box.

Along with the item number, check to ensure the size of the shoe matches. Mix-ups may occur that the pawn shop is not aware of.

Taking the extra time to examine the shoes will make your discounted purchases worthwhile and help you save a lot of money as you build your basketball shoe collection.