Characteristics Of Antique Rings From The 1920s

10 October 2022
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If you love antique jewelry, a ring from the 1920s might sound appealing. Rings from this era can be found in a range of different designs and styles. These are some of the characteristics you can look for as you shop for antique jewelry.

Art Deco Designs

One of the popular design elements during the 1920s was the art deco style. This style is characterized by its geometric shapes and bold colors. Rings from this era often feature these design elements.

For example, an art deco ring might have a square or rectangular center stone. The band might be adorned with geometric shapes like triangles or diamonds. Even with a solitaire ring, the art deco design adds a bit more vibrancy.

Bold Colors

Many rings from the 1920s feature bold and vibrant colors. For example, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds were all popular gemstones during this era. A center diamond might be surrounded by these colorful stones.

You might also find rings with enamel accents in bright colors. For instance, a ring might have a yellow-gold band with blue enamel details. Some rings even used black and white stones together to create a more sophisticated style.


Rings from this era were often made of gold or platinum. In some cases, you'll find silver or rose gold rings from the 1920s. White metals were more popular during this era because they went well with the bold gemstones that were in style.


During the 1920s, solitaire rings were popular. This style featured a single diamond or other stone in the center of the ring. You might also find rings with multiple small stones set in the band.

Cluster rings were also popular during this era. These rings featured a group of small stones set close together in the center of the ring. The stones might be different colors or all the same color.

Halo settings became more popular during this time as well. A halo setting is one where a group of small diamonds or other stones surround the center stone. This style adds size to the stone, creating a more elaborate design.

Antique Ring Dealers Can Help You Find the Perfect Piece

If you're interested in purchasing an antique ring from the 1920s, it's a good idea to consult with a local antique jewelry dealer. They can help you find the perfect piece of jewelry and provide more information about the history and value of the piece.